I heard you were just passing through

"I won't lose that baby..."

Is there a new episode of the originals next week as well? 

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i don’t think brown eyes get enough love it’s always those blue and hazel fuckers that get the praise and attention. you’re too afraid to look me in the eyes and face the chocolate-y abyss. 



I don’t want Eleven to see Clara and regenerate. I want Amy there, as a dream, a hallucination, whatever; I want Amy there and just go ‘Hey Raggedy Man’. She was his first face Eleven ever saw, and I want her to be the last face he ever sees.

Remember the time I accidentally predicted the Christmas special

Me being touched by people who aren’t my friends. 



That awkward moment when you’re interviewing Tom Hiddleston and suddendly he turns over and just stands there…. and you don’t know why

Is he posing for photographers ? Is he looking at someone ? Or is he just lost in his thoughts ?